What's in Your Mom Bag?

Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 16:19

It's Thursday, January 3rd and I'm officially back at work. Happy Dance!!!

I inadvertantly took the month of December off (except for private clients) due to health issues that spanned a bit farther that my last blog post. Not even a newsletter was sent! Either way, I'm back and it feels so good. Like SO SO SO good. I have missed this space, I have missed my work and I have some really exciting stuff coming up and I'm pumped to share. Is it too early to say I'm collaborating with someone really special to me? Hmmm.

One month off felt good, luxurious BUT with more than a wee side of guilt sometimes. I'll plan for it a bit better next December so guilt does not make it on the menu. I really backed away from the online "conversation" or as others like to call it, Facebook and became more of a observer. One of the things that I learned about myself during my month off was how much I miss blogging the way I used to...like 5 years ago "used to". I think the whole hooplah with the Instagram agreement misunderstanding was what really sparked me to start looking at different ways I could share with you. 

Blogging...It was a bit newer back then. There were no expert bloggers, and thousands of e-courses. It seemed more like a conversation with friends. It was more intimate and it wasn't about crafting profound, jaw dropping written essays several times a week, at least it wasn't with me.

I had to sit awile with these feeling in order to distill what was the most important aspect I wasnted to return to. What I came up with was this:

What I loved about blogging back then was that it was a sneak peak, a snippet into other women's lives that inspired me. There was so much visual yumminess going on. I wanted to know what you were making & doing in your life and I wanted to share what I was doing as well. Recipes, tough times with our kids, corners of our homes and daily rythyms were being shared like wild fire. The small moments in life get me excited, like looking at my basket filled with beautiful wool throws for snuggling on the couch. I deeply beleive that these simple things of life are important. I want to get back to that.  Real life...elevated a bit and shared in a way that makes you feel like you are deeply part OF it instead of outside wishing you were in. Know what I mean? 

I'm ready to share the small snippets of life in a series for US, not just me. OK, So I know I'm pretty much the worst on maintaining series...this one is something I think I can do though, it's easy and kind creative and I would love for you to play along. I'm calling it "What's in your Mom-Bag".

The goal is all about inclution...I want to see your beautiful snippet, not just mine. I want to laugh with you when you find things like a dinosaur and half eaten bananna in there. I also want to know what kind of lip gloss you like and where you got your pretty wallet. 

Every week I'm going to share a pic of what's in my "Mom Bag"...this week it's pretty vanilla with only mardigras beads left over from New Year's Eve and my son's polar bear eraser as the highlights. I'll post here and it will be on Instagram as well. Use the hashtag #MOMBAG to join the group. If we aren't friends already you can find me when you search for Steph Perkinson. 

You can display and organise your picture & contents in whatever manner feels good. Oh and no, you don't have to be a mom to play and no it's not cheating if you don't put the tampon in the pic!

Seriously, don't be shy...come play with me!


This sounds fun!

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