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Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 15:32

I love interior design and decorating. LOVE it.

I call it "nesting". One of my favorite things to do is to curl up and pour over my lastest stack of interior design books borrowed from the library. It's incredibly inspiring, explains why I chose textile design as a major in college. 

In college one of my teachers required us to keep notebooks filled with inspiration for our textile work. She said something that in my mind translated as this: You must keep your hands and hearts on the pulse of the industry, seek inspiration everywhere. BEST.HOMEWORK. EVER.

I eagerly filled notebooks with magazine clippings of beauty products, furniture, textiles, colorways, jewelry and fashion that inspired me. Since becoming a mom I have gotten away from doing it as much as I did back in college. I still have all of them and I LOVE going back through a page at a time, seeing how my style has shifted. The funny thing is, that in's still kinda similar. Kinda Boho-Industrial-Natural- Ethnic-Eclectic. That's a style right?

I have been craving a place to share my love of nesting and it dawned on me that my blog could totally be a place to do that. Duh!

When I blogged years ago my favorite thing was to share peeks of my home and my latest creative project. Since becoming a health coach I felt like I couldn't do that anymore. It's not that I don't think these things are connected (quite the opposite), it's just that I thought it would confuse people to talk about "home stuff", my creativity AND health and food.

Well, I think that's crap. It's not confusing, it's who I am. I think that the way we nest, the things we choose to buy and adorn our homes (and our bodies) with give us insight into other parts of our lives. It's a path that if we tend to it, can lead us back to ourselves. I named my company Wellness by Design for a reason! 

Nesting and the creativity that follows as self discovery. Yup, sounds about right.


So welcome to my little space that I'll be calling "Coveting". A blog within a blog, talking about all things nesting....

Nubbly textures. Wool and linen. Creamy apricot and grey. Raw wood tones. That is all I want to see right now. I can't get enough. 

I pulled out some objects the other day, rocks from the beach, a handknit scarf, my sheepskin and collected driftwoods, just to see it all together. I'm not sure how I'm going to translate it all in the house quite yet, but I'll keep yah posted. My hands are itching to get creative.

What are you crazy into right now?


What a great and inspiring post, Stephanie. I struggled with deciding on becoming a health coach (which is what i do now as well) because, like you, I LOVE design and decorating. Thank you for posting this. You have given yourself freedom to marry the two into one place. Brilliant and courageous. I totally support you and look forward to your blog posts. Maybe one day I shall do the same with my blog!
Hey Mara! Do it! The world need more creative people sharing their light! XOXO

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