Deeply Rooted thoughts with Mati Rose

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 14:28

When I sought out to create my Deeply Rooted Cleanse I wanted it to be about more than just eliminating certain foods for a period of time. I wanted it to be about nourishing our soul in THIS season. Deeply Rooted is about getting back in touch with our seasonal selves and to taste the bounty of what the fall has to offer both on our plates and in our lives. It’s about rooting deep into ourselves in order to sway with Mother Nature’s dance. 

Deeply Rooted Thoughts is a small series I'm excited to run over the next few weeks. In it, I'll be sharing a few voices from my community. Perspectives on Deep Rooted living from women I respect and admire, women who I think you would love to connect to as well. 

Today, I want you to meet Mati Rose McDonough.

I met Mati back when Etsy had about 100 shops and I was busy growing baby number one, {he is almost 8 now}. Her work captured my imagination like no other work I had ever seen. Talking birds, kittens with scissors and doily elephants, all with the most delicious, outrageous, saturated color pallete .

Oh the places we go in just a few short years. Mati is a HUGE inspiration to me and a beautiful, glowing example of what it means to follow your dreams.

Mati is gonna take it from here...

Deeply rooted means being present in the very moment for me.

It means having a conversation with my body, my mind, my soul, my heart and listening deeply to all these parts of myself and how to nourish them.

It means staying in bed with my coffee and toast on a cold day and having a slow morning if I’m called to it. It means turning off my emails for a few hours so I can think straight. It means noticing my aggravation when I can’t deal with it in the moment and promising that I will walk it out later.

Deeply rooted is being with myself. As an ally instead of an enemy. It means feeling fully aligned-- for me. It means communing with myself.

I do this through writing and setting intentions. Through yoga and walking. Through painting. Through clearing physical space with sage and candles and tea. It also means creating a structure that supports my flow. Trusting myself to make good choices for myself in my own way.

It means listening deeply to what makes me feel alive right here and right now.

Crumbs in bed.


Digging in the earth.

Dancing while I fold the laundry.

Going to the farmer’s market and letting my senses do the shopping.

Smearing paint across a canvas with my fingers.

A good cry.

Donating a bag of frumpy feeling clothes and making space.

Sending that care package to a dear friend.

Choosing a bath over a night out.

Choosing a night out over a bath, too

It means honoring myself and where I am at, with my deepest desires, and how it is essential that I don’t tamp them down or ignore them. Learning that our desires and hungers are compasses to what nourishes us; and if unexpressed these can manifest into grief and heaviness. Knowing this, it is essential that we find our way back home and deeply root.

Mati Rose Mcdonough lives in San Francisco where she regularly encounters lucky elephants, talking birds and a mysterious girl who always wears feathers in her hair. I am so excited to share that Mati will be running "Daring Adventures in Paint", her ecourse based on her AMAZING book with the very same title. Her wildly sucessful 6 week ecourse is not just about painting, it's about being daring in art & life! Her winter session will open for registraition soon! 



This fills my heart with so much joy. What beautiful reminders. Thank you<3. xo
what a deep and soulful article. love love love.

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