Deeply Rooted Thoughts with Melissa Rousseau

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 - 16:14

When I sought out to create my Deeply Rooted Cleanse I wanted it to be about more than just eliminating certain foods for a period of time. I wanted it to be about nourishing our soul in THIS season. Deeply Rooted is about getting back in touch with our seasonal selves and to taste the bounty of what the fall has to offer both on our plates and in our lives. It’s about rooting deep into ourselves in order to sway with Mother Nature’s dance. 

Deeply Rooted Thoughts is a small series I'm excited to run over the next few weeks. In it, I'll be sharing a few voices from my community. Perspectives on Deep Rooted living from women I respect and admire, women who I think you would love to connect to as well. 

Today, I want you to meet Melissa Rousseau

We met when we were both intending to sink our teeth into our new "careers", get serious, in a new place. Neither of our visions quite worked out the way we had intended.

Other doors opened for us and we walked through. This women found the wings to move herself across the country.

No, we don't share the same zip code anymore, but I'm pretty sure the ties we made were forged in elastic.

Words from sweet Melissa...

Deeply Rooted.

These are really interesting words to contemplate. I have been trying to recall a time when I felt deeply rooted, or felt rooted at all.

The fact is that I have been untethered. Completely unmoored for some time now.

Having just packed up my belongings, said goodbye to my family and love, and trekked across the country to start a new life, essentially from scratch, I have been feeling deeply unrooted. And the years leading up to my departure, were some of the most heartbreaking, lonely, and confusing that I hope to ever experience, having lost my soulmate and mother to cancer.

Perhaps my monumental untethering was completely tied to her leaving this world, as I can see now how my roots, strings, and grounding seemed to evaporate along with her. It’s a strange feeling to realize how much we depend on other people to stabilize us.

So now I find myself in a new place, with new people, a new job, new routines, new energy – it’s all so…new. And unfamiliar. And totally and utterly scary.

The need to re-stabilize myself is vital. It has jolted me into full awareness and I certainly feel more present than I have been in a very long time. I had completely checked out, living as a shell of my former self. And no w …I am truly alive. Along with the inevitable fear, overwhelm, + sparkle that coming back to life brings, also comes new perspective and the beautiful opportunity to invite the energy that I desire into my life.

This move has brought me the gift of designing my life to be the way that I have always dreamed.

Deeply rooted.

They really are calming words aren’t they? They ignite thought and motivation and a sense of stabilization. When we are stabilized, our endless potential seems to grow up as our roots grow down. We can feel more capable of handling anything that may come our way, positive or negative. These words bring me a deeper understanding of the power that true clarity can hold in our daily lives.

Exactly how would your life look, if your roots were so strong that absolutely nothing could rock you?

In honor of full disclosure here, I have had many an unraveling on my journey west. I am fully on board for the adventure that I have initiated, this is clear. But there are moments when I catch my breath in complete disbelief of what I’ve just done. And many times, this breath hold is followed by a good cleansing cry, a full release of all that fear and uncertainty. While these cleanses are unavoidable and actually deeply therapeutic, I have a few rituals that I depend on in my brand new life to assist me in the process of growing new roots. They are not meant to cause added stress and end up on To Do lists. Instead they have become, over time, habits that really do keep me centered and open to the positive abundance the universe has to offer me.

It’s my promised set time for self-care, self-love, nourishment + peaceful moments. I call them my non-negotiables.

Warm water w / lemon: I drink this first thing in the morning while I sit quietly, waking up a bit, and coming into this new day full of gratitude for the lessons, opportunities, 
adventures, + wonderful energy that lies ahead.

Breathwork + Meditation: I find this clears the night cobwebs or residual “stuff”, gets me centered, and builds my energy for the day. I work around positive mantras and questions. And quite often, I simply sit quietly and ask for guidance in certain areas.

Sometimes I sit with the mantra “I am a vibrant being of love, compassion, + light”. Or it can look something like this: “Please give me guidance in…releasing my fears.” Or “I am open to the positive abundance of the universe.” Louise Hay is the queen of positive affirmations and has a beautiful healing book filled with these daily mantras called “You Can Heal Your Life”.

Green juice + Smoothie: It feels empowering to make deposits to my health bank 
account with my first meal. The more nutritiously aware I start my day, I find that I am less inclined to eat the crap later. Plus my body just craves and absorbs the enzymes + vitamins that infuse me from this power combo.

Move: I must move in some way, shape or form everyday. I find that my blood, joints, + muscles get annoyingly “sticky” if I don’t. I have finally ordered a rebounder and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. This will be one of the first things I do in the morning to get my blood and lymph circulating, while releasing toxins and revving up my energy for the day.

Hydrate with healing teas: I keep a huge water bottle with me all day and fill it with 
lemon + ginger Tulsi Tea . Tulsi Tea, commonly called "sacred" or "holy basil," is a 
principle herb of Ayurveda, India's ancient holistic health system. It’s considered an 
adaptogen, which simply means that it can improve our ability to adapt to stressors, ie. it goes to where the body needs it most, giving you antioxidant protection against free radicals, + producing a calming effect. It can also support your adrenals, which are one of the first systems to be affected during times of stress.

Drybrushing + Epsom Salt Bath: I do this now because it feels so incredible. Dry 
brushing not only exfoliates the entire body, but encourages lymph flow + removal of toxins. Our skin is our largest organ and dry brushing helps to keep it clear and well circulated. Warm baths are my healing tool at the end of a long day. The Epsom salts help to soothe muscle aches and I always add my favorite essential oils to take the experience to the next calming level. They prepare my body + mind for sleep.

Cooking: Now that I have my own kitchen, I am officially getting re-inspired in the kitchen. As the air turns cool + crisp, I find myself craving warming, comfort foods which can help to center you. A needed shift from the airy + cooling foods of summer. I tried this Slow Cook Coconut Chicken recipe the other day and it was divine: warm, delicious, easy, soothing, nourishing, grounding. Plus I ADORE any recipe, where the ingredients are just thrown into a pot and you come back 6 hours later to a beautiful meal that provides leftovers for a few days.


Melissa Rousseau is a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, having received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is also a Nationally Certified Muscular Therapist and Reiki practitioner.

She began her wellness career out of an interest in the power that our 
bodies have to heal themselves when given the proper tools. Many years ago, she embarked on her own wellness adventure by using powerful healing methods including massage therapy,nutrition, acupuncture, meditation, and breathwork to nurture and heal her own body from chronic pain and fibromyalgia.

She strives to live a life of balance, believing that when the mind, body and 
spirit are in balance, our potential is endless. Drawing on her education, and plans for continued education in oncology massage and nutrition, as well as years of personal experience, she hopes to empower her clients to become active participants in their own healing by helping them implement the dietary and lifestyle changes that produce long-term positive results.


Lovely to hear how you are Melissa. Best of luck to you sweet, wise woman. Love Page

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