A Double Stephanie Giveaway!

Posted on January 14, 2014
New Year,  New Slate right? I'm excited to start breathing some life back into this blog and what better way to start than with a give-away!?
A Double-Stephanie giveaway to be exact, where you'll have a chance to win a spot in one of 2 different e-courses who are based on a love of all things "seasonal".

One lucky dear will earn a spot in my dear friend Stephanie Levy's Creative Courageous Winter Session!! A course that I'm honored to be a guest contributor in. I have known Stephanie for years and have avidly followed her beautiful mixed media work. This is a great opportunity to work closely with an inspiring and talented woman. 
Another lucky lady will earn a spot in my upcoming cleanse Deeply Rooted - The Winter Cleanse! A gentle, 10 day food-based cleanse designed to support, instead of shock your body into detoxification. Where I will show you how to release common offending foods out of your diet and how to add them back in to see if there are any sensitivities or shifts that need to be made. You will learn to feed your body what it truly craves in order to live radiantly. 

So without further delay, let me introduce you to Stephanie. She kindly agreed to answer a few of my questions so you could learn a little bit more about her!

As a fellow artist how do you feel creativity is connected to health and wellness?
Personally, I know that when I'm feeling healthy and fit, I'm much more creative and productive. When we take time to work on our health and wellness through eating well, getting enough rest, and exercising, the big reward is having increased energy to create more fabulous art, writing, and creative projects!
It's not always easy for me as I tend to burn the candle at both ends when I get busy, but I do want to make taking care of my body a much bigger priority for 2014.
Why do you think winter is an important time to connect to our creativity?
Winter and the beginning of a new year are wonderful times to take a good look at our lives and think about what we'd most like to do in the upcoming months. Winter is one of my favorite seasons to plan fresh work for new creative projects and get fired up to exercise and eat healthy food. Cleanses like yours are great for releasing any accumulated toxins in our systems that might be clogging things up. I'm looking forward to your upcoming Winter Cleanse!
Tell us a bit about your motivation to create your course Creative Courageous Year and where to sign up!
In 2014, I wanted to do things a bit differently and plan a more focused, streamlined approach to my online courses. I love the idea of "seasonal" anything - and so I decided to create a year long course series based on the seasons for Creative Courageous Year. 
Creative Courageous Year has lots of wonderful goodies for everyone - fun weekly mixed media art and diy projects, visual journaling with seasonal themes, nature walks to notice the beauty of our surroundings, delicious, healthy recipes, inspiring guest interviews, encouraging personal videos, and even a virtual book club.
All of the course material is posted daily Monday-Friday for 5 weeks, and my international group of participants will have the chance to connect and share on our private website, our special Facebook group, and on our group Pinterest boards. 
I love leading creative online courses, and I absolutely adore my participants - we have such an amazing, supportive community. I'd be delighted for you to join us - and we're starting soon on January 20th!
You can sign up for my brand new Creative Courageous Winter Session here: http://www.stephanielevy.com/creative-courageous-year-winter-session
or save 50% on your course fees when you sign up for a year of inspiration including all 5 Seasonal Sessions with Creative Courageous Year here: http://www.stephanielevy.com/creative-courageous-year
I hope to see you in class next Monday,
Thank you so much for sharing a bit of yourself with us today! I'm really looking forward to your course!

Simply leave a comment here telling us how you want to stay
healthy and creative in 2014
To earn extra chances to win, share the link to this give-away on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and come back here to tell us about it. The winners will be randomly picked this Saturday!

Good luck and cheers to a happy, healthy and creative New Year!


Submitted by Jeannie Connor (not verified) on

I would love to win either course as I love writing inspiration and I would love the winter cleanse to do for my mom who was just diagnosed with cancer on her lung.

Submitted by Jeannie (not verified) on

I plan on staying healthy and creative by having materials readily available when inspiration hits and by eating more fresh, natural, seasonal fruits and veggies and less processed junk!

Submitted by Charlene Lassen... (not verified) on

I am a painter, fiber artist and am working on several children's books. I have been working more abstractly this winter. I plan to do more mixed media works this year. I love the Japanese way of eating, am studying about the Okinawans and plan to adopt more of their lifestyle. I am also studying German on Rosetta Stone. www.clrivers.com

Submitted by Brooke Bennett (not verified) on

Eating healthier!

Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Submitted by Zephyr (not verified) on

I would love a spot in your cleanse course. I constantly struggle with my weight and diet and I really need to start eating clean.

Submitted by samantha hall (not verified) on

I plan on staying healthy and creative by branching out of my safe zones this year. Work on something new everyday.

Submitted by Nika (not verified) on

I want to heal my adrenal fatigue and have a healthier routine to fall back on.

Submitted by Nickie Gorsky (not verified) on

I have had untold sadness in my life which has affected my health. I am focusing this year on living each day with intention. If I want to be a good friend, mother, wife, sister...I must take care of myself. It is not being self centered to focus on my own mental and physical self. It is all we have.

Submitted by pamelaG (not verified) on

oh my. where can I start? this is quite serendipitous as these are things I've been striving to attain.. for a while now. I want to revert back to being primarily a vegetarian. for the past year and a half we have been eating some meat, local of course, but still..... I felt much better when I wasn't. more green smoothies, that's for sure! more time planning meals accordingly and trying to work it out into the best budget possible.
as for art. this is a huge part of my soul that I desperately need to get back into doing in a more consistent manner. it's like, if you takea box filled with light, and it's closed, the light can only seep through the edges.. but if you open that nox. it busts every which way and reflects off everything, I am to do that, and my art helps me get more deeply in touch and in tune with myself. it's magic :)
love to you both xx

Submitted by pamelaG (not verified) on

I shared on facebook and tagged you, stephanie (p)

Submitted by Danielle Cohen (not verified) on

Staying healthy and creative in 2014 is at the top of my list and all about continuing to find my sweet spot amidst the many layers of my life. Looking at daily rythyms, enough sleep, beautifying spaces, planning ahead with food and movement that I enjoy. You know I'm a big Stephanie fan, this all looks glorious xo

Submitted by Heather (not verified) on

I want to stay healthy by staying creative this year! I want to eat in a way that nourishes my body,truly not just appeases it! I want to get my hands messy in the kitchen and on the canvas/journal page!
These both look awesome!

Submitted by Heather (not verified) on

Shared on Facebook!

Submitted by Kristen (not verified) on

I've just been reading the Grain Brain, and Vegan for Life. I'm inspired to clean up my poor eating habits and get my girls and I super healthy this year! Too much of everything in our diet. Time to figure out what the right balance is. Constant struggle with two vegetarians and one carnivore, and three breadetarians!

Submitted by laura mcculloug... (not verified) on

I would so love to win a spot in the Winter Session of Creative Courageous Year. I love both Stephanies of course, but I feel especially primed and ready to start developing some winter art practices.

As far as staying healthy, I don't feel healthy all of the time and having made some big dietary changes in 2013, in 2014 I need to focus on external factors...environment, relationships, beauty and business. I have new creative business and want to explore more this year.

Submitted by Hollie (not verified) on

I have made a vow to myself that this year will be a year filled with radical self care, either of these courses would be a wonderful way to celebrate, and put that vow into action.

Submitted by Debra Feldman (not verified) on

oh, probably too late, but thought I would give it a try. Am already committed to the winter cleanse. Using the energy to guide me as I recreate a massage practice. That would seem to be plenty on my plate, except that my theme for this coming year is to "create", to bring beginnner's mind into unfolding the changes in my life. Also, I have just begun to paint and write again, after a long break. Would love some company. Shared on Facebook. Much love to all!

Submitted by Shandi Raina Coleman (not verified) on

I need a jumpstart! When I noticed my friend Pamela had shared this on Facebook I was drawn to it. I don't usually open links, but this one I did. I surely could benefit from a cleanse from all the toxic junk in my body, or It would be awesome to have the Courageous Winter session to help me through this dreary winter. I need some accountability someone to say "hey you, take care of you". As a Mom I do they great for all my children but not so much myself. Thank you for considering me!

Submitted by shandi Raina Coleman (not verified) on

I shared it on Facebook and on my business page, Shandi Raina Massage and Muscular Therapy!

Submitted by Stephanie Levy (not verified) on

I love all of your wonderful comments! So excited and I'd be thrilled to jump into Creative Courageous Winter with you all on Monday :) xoxo

Submitted by Stephanie DosReis on

Thank you all for entering we wish could all have won a spot. Zephyr please get in touch so I can pop you on my list for the Winter Cleanse! Congratulations love!

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